A comprehensive approach

Clinical services are an integral part of The Guild’s successful, child-centered program for students. Clinical staff assess and support the behavioral and mental health of Guild students across a variety of settings.

The clinical team consists of skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), mental health clinicians, expressive therapists, social workers, clinical assistants and psychologists who use individualized assessment and treatment methodologies to improve students’ behaviors and increase coping and interpersonal skills.

For children who engage in self-injurious or other unsafe behaviors, clinicians collaborate with school and residential teams to develop a comprehensive plan to address the student’s needs in all settings using the appropriate treatment modalities. The Guild’s combined treatment approach often successfully addresses behavioral issues when medication, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or counseling alone may not.

In addition to the ABA and mental health counseling services and supports provided by Guild clinicians, regular psychiatric care is available for those students who require it.

Emily Calden, M.Ed, SLP-A

Associate Director of Clinical Services (Day)

Katherine Fraser, LICSW

Clinical Lead & Mental Health Counselor

Danielle Gervais, M.A., CMHC

Clinical Case Manager

Polly Healy Kraus, M.S., BCBA, LABA

Associate Clinical Director (Evening)

Harriet Mabikke, M.S.W.

Clinical Case Manager

Erica Malloy, M.S.

Clinical Case Manager

Corrina Riggs, M.A., SLP-CCC

Senior Clinical Advisor of Related Services