Don't have to worry

"While he's here, we know that he's engaged, that they're doing activities, that they care about him, that they're teaching him the things that we know he needs to learn, and we don't have to worry about Tyler. We know he's in a good place." – Julie McKinney, Guild School parent

'We're home'

"I walked in and there was a young man bouncing down the hall and a cheerful staff person bouncing behind him, and he looked exactly like my son. And the staff person looked happy, and the person at the desk looked happy, and I thought, 'Oh, we're home.' "  – Jen Young, former Guild School parent and current parent of an adult resident

Finds peer group

“Since I started the journey toward finding the right placement for my son, I felt that he was a square peg in a round hole. Through many in-district and out-of-district placements, we were unable to find the right peer group, program and support – until we found The Guild. The Guild has not only provided a place for my son to fit in with peers with whom he connects, it also provides all of the right support for his social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs. My son is happy, he has friends, stories to share, vocational opportunities and a paycheck he is proud to earn. He is making progress toward a brighter future.” – Caryn Budd, Guild School parent

Eating greater variety of foods

“When our son started at the Guild, he had a limited number of preferred foods. His food choices were based on texture, color and were very bland by nature. Within a few short months, The Guild’s nutritional, school and residential staff had our son eating foods that expanded the variety of his menu 10-fold, while increasing the nutritional value in his diet.” – Parents of a recent Guild School graduate


'A huge relief'

"It's a huge relief to find a place where you can trust that your son's going to be OK, where he's going to be respected and safe and happy and enjoying himself." – Peg Doherty, parent of Guild adult resident

'I sleep at night'

"I sleep at night. I didn't do that for the first 20 years of his life while I worried about what was going to happen to him, and I really have faith (now) that he's going to have a very, very good quality of life." – Jen Young, parent of Guild adult resident and former Guild School student

Ready for life full of promise

“This school has phenomenal teachers, aides and therapists. My son has developed more skills at The Guild (in the past three years) than all the rest of his schooling combined. He is almost ready for an adult life full of promise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Guild School parent

Sense of community

“My 20-year-old son has been in three residential placements since he was 10 years old. What sets The Guild apart from his last two placements is the feel and sense of community that the administration and staff at The Guild consciously try to create for both students and parents alike.” – Suzanne, parent of Guild adult resident

Huge gains

“You have already helped our daughter make huge gains behaviorally, socially and in her independence. We truly appreciate and are humbled by the care, devotion and patience the staff has shown for her.” – Norm and Sue Tarr, former Guild School parents and parents of current adult resident

Warm, caring teachers

“The teachers are amazingly caring and warm, and really excited about their jobs. You can tell they're really happy to work here and they really focus on the students' strengths.” – Kathy Lewiecki, Guild School parent

Looks forward to school

"He is always excited to go to school and looks forward to it every day. School vacation weeks are hard for him because he misses school so much." – Kathy Lewiecki, Guild School parent

A perfect setting

“After overcoming numerous challenges in her youth, this was the perfect setting for my daughter to lead a high-quality life in adulthood. I’m waiting for someone to pinch me and wake me up." – Bob Pelletier, parent of Guild adult resident

Maturing, growing

“He is maturing, and I see growth in his understanding, resourcefulness, awareness of the here and now, and his emotions. I can see things that have come from him being enabled and taught to be an advocate for himself.” – Hank S., parent of Guild adult resident

A 'happy camper' again

“Jesse is back to being himself. He has now come back around to being the happy camper that he used to be.” – Carole, parent of former Guild School student

Right atmosphere

“The Guild has been skillful in establishing the right atmosphere for Jesse, learning who he is, what pushes his buttons and what makes him happy." – Dan, parent of former Guild School student

Very appreciative

“I’m so proud of my son and very appreciative of the efforts of the staff at Walpole House who made this happen." Alla, parent of former Guild adult resident