Maximize Your Impact This Year!

A donor in The Guild family has graciously offered a Matching Gift Challenge for our 2023-2024 annual appeal. All new and previous annual appeal donors have the opportunity to have their gift matched!

I have never donated to The Guild’s annual appeal – Great! Your donation will be matched (up to $1,000)!

I have donated to The Guild’s annual appeal – Great! If you double your most recent annual appeal gift, that increase will be matched (up to $1,000)!

Donation must be made by January 15, 2024.

How your support helps

Community engagement

Gifts fund community-engagement activities and person-centered enrichment programming not covered by tuition dollars.

Capital purchases

Gifts help support capital purchases such as swing sets or exercise equipment at the residences, generators and anything that does not fall into the category of general maintenance.

Assistive technology

Gifts allow for the purchase of iPads, tablets, computers and smart boards for use in The Guild School and the residences.


Gifts permit The Guild to buy memberships in external programs – gyms, community centers and farm collaboratives, for instance – that support efforts to integrate Guild students and adults into the communities in which they live.

Specialty staff training

Gifts help fund specialized training for Guild staff, including conference attendance, seminars, workshops and classes.