International migration affects everyone whether you are a newcomer to the U.S. or a relative, friend or colleague of immigrants. How we view and understand diverse backgrounds is profoundly influenced by the stories we hear, as well as our own interactions with people from around the world.

It is easier to have your own bias, prejudice and categorize someone to an already defined box without hearing their side of the story. “You only know my name - which you even struggle to pronounce right sometimes – but you don’t know my story.”

In this special Suitcase Stories session, you will hear personal, real-life experiences from four Guild For Human Services staff from Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia, including:

  • Estella Ngufor

  • Linda Grace

  • Mustapha Abdulai

  • Muyani Kasune

Suitcase Stories explores migration through the art of storytelling while amplifying refugee and immigrant voices. Suitcase Stories is presented in collaboration with the International Institute of New England, which is one of the oldest and largest social service organizations for new Americans in the region.

Date: Wednesday, April 14th, 7pm

Cost: Free

Register at: