Last fall, The Guild received a grant from the Sudbury Foundation to support the development of leadership training for Guild employees. The Guild’s goals of the program are to continue a pipeline of staffing stability for youth and adults with disabilities; support the career advancement of English Language Learners (ELL) workers at The Guild; and advance the diversity of The Guild’s leadership to benefit youth and adults with intellectual disabilities.

The Leadership Employee Advancement and Development (LEAD) training program, designed with the International Institute of New England, will build out leadership and management skills for Guild employees in every department who want to advance their careers as non-profit leaders.

Participants will be part of a 16-week training program and will build their skills and knowledge as a non-profit leader by:

  • Gaining knowledge about non-profit organizational structures, finances and accreditation
  • Learning fundamental frameworks and theories essential to the Guild’s mission
  • Developing specific skills, and competencies in communication, conflict management, supervision, crisis management; and data driven interventions
  • Meeting with a mentor from The Guild leadership team to share in experiences and learning

Thirteen participants were selected for the inaugural LEAD class, including:

  • Maxine Dieudonne: Residential Manager (adult)
  • Mory Konate: Residential Manager  (adult)
  • Nathalie Etame: Residential Manager (adult)
  • Raji Ravichandran: Lead Teacher
  • Rhonah Nakalyowa: Lead Teacher
  • Ryan Legner: Lead Teacher 
  • Elizabeth Pacetti: Lead Teacher
  • Anderson Calixte: Assistant Residential Manager
  • Dennis Elyau: Assistant Residential Manager
  • Nikki Bryant: Behavior Clinician
  • Cassandra May: Teacher Assistant
  • Dieusel Saint-Ange: Residential Assistant/Teacher Assistant
  • Lauren Byron: Teacher Assistant

The program will begin August 31 and meet for 16 weeks on Wednesdays. To learn more about the LEAD training program, contact Michael Clontz, Chief Operating Officer at or 781-330-5097.