This month, we’d like to congratulate Guild staff member Benji Menard on his recent promotion to Pine House Manager. Benji has been with The Guild for five years, having served as Overnight Residential Staff, Residential Assistant, and Assistant Residential Manager with Dogwood House, and most recently as the Lead Residential Assistant with the Woburn I adult house. We sat down with Benji to learn more about his journey with The Guild:  

Can you tell us about your first role with The Guild?

I started at The Guild in August 2016 as a residential overnight staff. That was my first time in the field, so I didn’t know what to expect. At first, the biggest challenge was getting to know the individuals in the house and how to work with them.

You’ve also worked as a Residential Assistant and Assistant Residential Manager with Dogwood. What was it like to serve in those roles and take on increasing responsibility?

When I started as an Assistant Residential Manager (ARM) with Dogwood, I took on more responsibility and became a supervisor to staff. That was hard, but I tried to set a good example and do what my supervisor expected. All of my supervisors have been supportive of whatever I brought up to them, so I tried to do the same.

What are you excited about as you start your role as Manager of Pine House?

I’m excited to learn, grow, and support the other staff members. I’m looking forward to sharing my path with them. I’m also really excited about helping the individuals we serve and working with them.

What are your favorite parts about working with the individuals we serve?

When a new individual comes in, all of our staff work together as a team to be the best supports we can be. Each of us has our role and part we play, and then it’s gratifying when the individuals go back home, and their families say that they notice a positive change in their child’s behavior. That’s a good feeling. I love how the individuals we serve become part of our family.  Just last week, I was at The Guild’s fall party, and the residents of my old house came up and said hello. It’s great to be able to stay connected with the residents and staff I’ve worked with.

If you could tell the world one thing about the human services sector, what would you want people to know?

When I started in this field, I didn’t know what I was getting into. But over time, this became more than just a job. To work in human services, you need to be patient, willing to make a difference in people’s lives, and have a positive heart.

About Benji: Benji Menard grew up in Waltham, Massachusetts. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Health Science at Lasell University. When he’s not at The Guild, he likes to spend time with his family, cook, and attend Boston sporting events.