Students in Liz’s classroom learned an important lesson about goodwill this spring as they organized a bake sale at school and then presented the proceeds to a nearby animal shelter during their recent visit.

With support from occupational therapist Nicole Anulewicz and speech-language pathologist Annemarie Hall, the students performed a number of activities as part of the project. They solicited items on the shelter’s “wish list” such as canned food and collars; identified staff volunteers to prepare baked goods for the sale; collected money at the bake sale; and wrote thank-you notes to individuals who purchased items.

Their efforts culminated in mid-June when they traveled to  
Buddy Dog in Sudbury, a shelter and adoption center for homeless dogs and cats. The Guild students presented $120 from the bake sale and “wish list” items worth about another $100. The students received a tour of the facility and enjoyed moments of companionship with the shelter’s animals.

“This project taught students about the importance of volunteering, giving back and thinking of others,” Nicole says. “When we visited the shelter, they saw directly how their efforts will help the animals."