September 10-16 marks National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week! On any given day, direct support professionals are asked to serve in a variety of roles: coach, clinician, family liaison, employment navigator, and chef, to name a few. They work hard to meet the needs of those in their care, and too often this work is underappreciated and undervalued. This week and every week, The Guild is committed to recognizing the skill, creativity, and work ethic of the amazing direct support professionals who are such a vital part of our community.

Throughout the week, we posted profiles of The Guild's outstanding DSPs on our social media channels. Check out the highlights below!:


Karl Bernard headshotKarl Bernard

Residential Assistant, Sudbury House

What do you enjoy about working at The Guild?

I’ve been working here for more than twenty years, and I’m so glad to know that I’ve been able to put my experience to the service of individuals with The Guild. I’ve enjoyed seeing a lot of improvement in the behavior of the individuals at the house.

Do you have a favorite professional memory?

I usually work with one of the individuals in the house, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him. We’ve done a lot: kayaking, swimming, going for walks, visiting the park! I enjoy all of those moments with him.

Jackline Nambooze

Residential Assistant, Dogwood House

What's your favorite professional memory?Jackline Nambooze headshot

I like playing soccer in the backyard with the kids. We do so many fun things, so it’s hard to choose just one memory!

What do you enjoy about working at The Guild?

I love working with the kids! I studied social work administration back home and like working with people in general, but specifically with youth. My colleagues are also amazing. It’s a good company.

Godwill headshotGodwill Fru

Lead Residential Assistant, Framingham House

What is challenging about your job?

At first, it was challenging to understand what the individuals’ behaviors meant, but now I know and I know how to communicate with them.

What do you enjoy about working at The Guild?

I love working with the individuals at Framingham House! I absolutely love doing it, and it’s good to be surrounded by great people.

Geraldine MossioGeraldine headshot

Lead Residential Assistant, Burlington House

What's your favorite professional memory?

There are so many – going to the farm nearby, baking and cooking, going out to restaurants, visiting farmers’ markets…we do a lot!

What's the best piece of professional advice you've received?

My old supervisor told me to work hard to make sure everything goes well on shift, but to remember to do everything with heart.

Vilno Fils headshotVilno Fils

Residential Assistant, Maynard House

What do you enjoy about working at The Guild?

I appreciate receiving amazing support and the great team that works at The Guild!

What's your favorite professional memory?

During my first training at Maynard, I saw staff and individuals at the house preparing lunch boxes together. I wondered if I could manage to lead that and told myself in that moment that I would work hard to be part of this big family.