The Guild for Human Services’ annual Adult Residential Program Awards Ceremony recognized 50 individuals for their accomplishments over the past year.

Family and friends joined the honorees at the event, which was held on Sunday, Oct. 14 at The Westin in Waltham.

“We are proud to recognize and celebrate the individual achievements of the individuals we support in their adult homes,” said Maureen Costello-Shea, chief program officer.

Honorees included:

Billerica House – Patrick (trying new community and leisure activities), Lily (use of her iPad), Adam (progress in all daily living skills) and Keith (safety in the community).

Burlington House – Shirin (progress and independence in all areas), Melissa (handling schedule changes), Lukas (swimming), Gabriel (self-control and self-regulation) and Tyler (interactions and participation with housemates and friends).

Dedham House – Dylan (valued member of the Human Rights Committee), James (inspiring and coaching housemates to fully participate in the community), Kevin (fire safety and maintaining a clean, safe house), Jacob (all social areas at the house and in the community) and Evan (independent travel and navigation in the community).

Framingham House – Ian (socialization and communication), Jason (participation in fitness and mobility routines), Huseyin (safety during community activities), Kyle (following and actively participating in his daily routine) and John (meal preparation).

Maynard House – Alexander (adjusting to his new home), Jake (adapting to new routines and expanding his leisure and community activities), Maxwell (exploring and enjoying new foods) and Aaron (striving for excellence).

Melrose House – Christopher (leading efforts to increase partnerships and collaboration among housemates and staff), Ryan (strong work ethic and striving to maintain full-time competitive employment), Michael (socialization and communications with his housemates and neighbors), Sergei (completing chores and assisting with household maintenance) and Sam (sportsmanship, teamwork and encouraging others to improve their fitness).

Norfolk House – Shane (hygiene routines), Alison (eating healthy and completing exercise routines), Timothy (independence in using communications tools), Nicholas (participation and interaction in the community and with peers) and Amaya (participation in exercise).

Sudbury House – Rachel (independence in baking), Kristine (social interactions with friends and community members), Christian (swimming skills and showmanship at the pool), Erin (independence in completing household chores and willingness to help others with their tasks) and David (independence with daily living skills).

Walpole House – Christian (adjustment to new schedule and new routines), Thomas (cooking independently), James (meal preparation) and Bradley (mastering the weekend schedule and participation in a wide range of activities).

Woburn House I – Jacob (completing his tooth brushing routine), Nick (independence in meal preparation), Daniel (independence in completing his laundry routine) and Jonathan (participation in new social and recreational activities).

Woburn House II – Andrew (transition to his new home), Matthew (focus and engagement during group activities), Ryan (progress in art, music and sports) and Zachary (fitness goals).