Fabiana Fickett started at The Guild in October 2019 as the director of behavior services. She has been in the field of special education since 1996 and has held various positions including as a psychotherapist and as a teacher. Read more about Fabiana below. 

Question: What attracted you to the field of special education in general and to The Guild in particular?
Answer: I always wanted to help others and the uniqueness of the individuals in special education first attracted me to this field.  They are honest, determined and can teach us so much and we all learn so much from the raw emotions of individuals in special education.  The emphasis on community experiences and vocational skill development at The Guild were unlike any other setting I had worked in and are very much needed for the generalization of skills and independence for our individuals.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?
A: The individuals we work with every day.  Their smiles, their laughter, helping them through their difficult moments and celebrating their successes.

Q: What is you most memorable moment as a special educator?
I’m still always amazed at when I run into a former student in the community.  Learning about what they are doing now and the fact that they remember me 20 plus years later is always memorable.

Q: What is it like when you achieve a breakthrough with a student? Describe the feeling for you and the student.
A: The feeling of watching someone achieve what they’ve worked so hard to do is indescribable.  I feel so proud to be part of the team that helped them achieve any milestones or breakthroughs.

Q: If you weren’t a special educator, what would you be?
I’ve always wanted to help others achieve their optimal potential.  I had an amazing guidance counselor many years ago who helped me identify my strength was in helping others.  For a brief moment I wanted to be an attorney but I quickly realized I would be better at helping others achieve success through teaching and guidance instead of legal representation.