Many of our families and supporters are familiar with the importance of endowments at their colleges or universities. Similar to a university endowment, The Guild’s investment reserves shore up long-term financial resources to support healthy annual draws as needed by the organization. These draws support capital investments that are not reimbursable by the state, such as down payments on new residences and renovations. If The Guild is to remain on solid footing for its current residents AND be able to meet the demand of future families seeking placement, it must increase its reserves over time.

An outside investment firm manages The Guild’s reserves in partnership with The Guild Finance Committee and Chief Financial Officer. The Guild strives to maintain a reserve of six months’ operating cash at minimum.

While withdrawals from the investment reserves account are only made when necessary, it is essential that The Guild proactively replenish and grow these funds to ensure the financial resiliency and flexibility necessary to meet demand, withstand market fluctuations, and maintain its high standard of care in the face of unforeseen circumstances like a global pandemic. 

Contributions of monetary gifts, stock, and planned gifts to the investment reserves will provide The Guild the long-term financial stability necessary to provide a lifetime of care to its residents.

How to Make a Gift to The Guild’s Investment Reserves