For Karma Flanagan, what began as a one-week temporary receptionist job has developed into a decades-long career at The Guild for Human Services.

Early last month, The Guild’s director of administrative services celebrated her 20 years of service, a milestone marked by students and colleagues who shared their appreciation with cards, posters, pictures, notes and flowers.

“The time has kind of flown by,” Karma says. “I was supposed to be here for one week, but I liked it so much I never left.”

Earlier in her career, Karma worked as a bank teller and a biller at a car dealership, then served as a temporary employee at several businesses. When she arrived at The Guild as a temp, she knew immediately she wanted to stay. She appreciated the professional and congenial work environment; she especially admired the staff’s daily commitment to the individuals they serve.

Karma was initially hired as a full-time receptionist on Nov. 9, 1998, spent several years as student records coordinator and then was promoted to her current position. She oversees a team of four people who provide administrative support to The Guild School and the youth and adult residential programs.

Over the years, Karma has derived great personal satisfaction from helping The Guild achieve its mission of helping people with intellectual disabilities lead high-quality lives and participate meaningfully in the community.

“I don’t work in direct care, but I feel like we help everyone else do their jobs better, so I’m indirectly contributing to the quality of life of our students and adult residents,” she says. “That makes me feel really good. I am proud to work at The Guild.”