Why Work Here

When you visit The Guild, you will see the commitment staff members have to the students or adults they serve. Often, you will see smiles on our staff members’ faces. Those smiles come from seeing students and adults make progress and from working alongside skilled and dedicated team members.

Guild staff members are guided by our core values of integrity, collaboration, excellence, diversity and respect.  Team building starts on day one during a pre-service program that consists of classroom instruction, extensive observations  and guided practice within classrooms or homes. When you are finally assigned to work directly with Guild students or adult residents, you will feel confident in your skills and comfortable with the individuals who will be supporting you to do your best work.

Working at The Guild will be one of your most gratifying life experiences. Please join us to make a difference in the life quality of children, teens and adults with intellectual disabilities – and to feel the resulting pride that will enrich your own life.

Below are some thoughts from a couple of individuals with first-hand experience working at The Guild.

“If I didn’t work at the Guild, I wouldn’t have been able to complete a Master’s degree in Special Education at this stage in my life. The Bay Path University partnership has made getting my graduate degree convenient and affordable. It’s challenging and a lot of work but working here has made it possible. I’m really grateful to The Guild for giving me the opportunity to further my education.”
-Chris Mendoza, Guild classroom teacher

“I’m so grateful to have worked with individuals who come to work with a purpose, to strive and to sacrifice for the sake of these kids. It amazes me every day to see such commitment, to witness so many people who are willing to lend an ear to a troubled student, even when they may have troubles of their own.”
-Paul O’Brien, former Guild staff member

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