Admissions Process

You will find our referral process to be responsive to your needs as we pride ourselves on our quick response time to any inquiry or received referral packet. It is not unusual for us to hear from parents or referral sources that we are the first agency to contact them. We do so because we understand that when a less restrictive setting is no longer appropriate for your child, a new placement may need to be identified as soon as possible.

We welcome the opportunity to share details of our program through phone conversations and emails. We also send out information packets and schedule tours as requested. Please let us know what best fits your needs and busy schedule.

Referrals are processed upon receipt throughout the year. Referrals are accepted from funding sources, including school districts, public agencies, families and guardians. We recommend that you look at the admission process checklist to better understand our process. Please know that steps in the admissions process can be adapted to fit the specialized circumstances of each referral, especially if your child may need immediate placement.