Thomas Belski (2)Thomas Belski, Chief Executive Officer

After a national search, Thomas Belski was hired as Chief Executive Officer of The Guild in the summer of 2010.  Thomas is an innovative executive with more than 30 years’ experience in the public/private sector.  He is dedicated to finding entrepreneurial solutions achieving profit optimization.  He is an accomplished and successful designer of cutting edge educational programs.

Prior to coming to The Guild, Thomas was president at Employment Resources Inc., a workforce development agency in Cambridge, for 13 years.

Thomas began his career as a teacher then a principal at Brown Academy in New Hampshire.  He left to pursue a master’s degree becoming a speech and language pathologist, working as the director of that department at the Hogan Regional Center in Danvers.  He then went on to be the Director of Planning and Programs for the North Shore Special Education Consortium for 14 years before assuming the decade long position of CEO at Brighton Allston Mental Health Association.

His career spans many of The Guild’s disciplines. He was an educator, a speech and language pathologist and manager of a special education program that served local cities and towns.  Later he was responsible for the running of both a mental health clinic and an employment development center. His passion to serve those less fortunate is the hallmark of his career.

Thomas holds a master’s degree in Communication Disorders from Emerson College and is a certified Director of Special Education as well as a Neurodevelopment Treatment Therapist.

Thomas lives on Plum Island and enjoys his two sons, two grandchildren and cooking.

A message from Thomas Belski

Dear Friends,

A wise person once wrote, “A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” I believe that statement to be quite true of our children and adult homes and our day school because The Guild stays focused on the highest outcomes for all individuals in our programs. In other words, our big dreams for those we care for and our love of what we do translate into significant accomplishments for our students and residents.

If you don’t know about our programs, I encourage you to come and visit with us. You will find our school and homes are colorful, comfortable, and clean.  You will find our staff is caring, experienced and well-trained as well as supportive of our mission and goals.   You will be impressed by our overarching goals centered on making certain our students and adults are safe, are healthy, and extend their independence in the school, their homes and their communities.

You will learn why we are proud of our programs designed to bring great success to the individuals we serve.  You will hear why we are pleased when our families share with us how their family lives have improved and expanded because of the gains their children have made. Therefore, we have much evidence to share that indicates that when an individual blossoms, our school and homes become so much more than walls and beams.

Additionally, I am especially grateful to the amazing staff that create an atmosphere which provides the best quality of life possible for Guild students and adults. The Guild would not be able to so positively impact the individuals placed in our care without their dedication and hard work day in and day out.

With best wishes,

Thomas Belski
Chief Executive Officer