Related Therapies

We have on-staff speech/language pathologists and occupational therapists to provide direct speech therapy and occupational therapy to our students. These individuals provide individual or group therapy as agreed to in your student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Speech therapy and occupational therapy services are delivered to small groups of students in classrooms and to individual students.

Our speech and language pathologists consult with our faculty and staff on a daily basis. They create social stories to prepare students for social interactions and challenging events. They assist students in using augmentative communication devices and/or signing. They promote understanding of social pragmatics. In these, and many other ways, The Guild’s speech and language pathologists prioritize improved communications and social interactions among students.

Your student will also have the benefit of working directly with The Guild’s on-staff occupational therapy (OT) staff. Our OT staff, like our speech/language pathologist staff, is an integral part of our multi-disciplinary team. Whether in the OT room, sensory integration room, classrooms, cafeteria, or homes, they are focused on helping students follow their sensory diets, improve their fine motor skills and improve their functional daily living skills.

We rely on other specialists to assist your student if the IEP specifies additional services. Whether physical therapy, orientation and mobility services, or other services are needed, we work with all involved parties to ensure full and complete service delivery is provided. Sometimes, funding sources may prefer to send their own staff to provide these additional needed services. Other times, funding sources ask The Guild to contact outside agencies, such as Easter Seals of MA, Carroll Center for the Blind, or Perkins to provide these needed services.