Pre-Vocational Services

Pre-vocational experiences build necessary prerequisite skills and knowledge that will open up vocational options for a student’s future. Therefore, by age fourteen, your student will have pre-vocational experiences embedded within his/her classroom programs. The goal is to have your student learn sound work habits and safety skills as well as improved communication skills that may be applied in future work environments. The various instructional units are written and adapted to your student’s level of need – some needing maximal assistance and others minimal. Experiences are individualized and tailored to your student’s learning profile.

The Guild also involves students in an entrepreneurial group business, Happy and Healthy: Eats and Treats, which produces items for purchase. Students who participate in this experience not only learn how to work well with their co-workers and customers, but they also manage the many tasks involved in running a business. Those skills include reading, writing, communicating with others, completing math calculations and problem solving. Your student will learn many prerequisite vocational skills when making, packaging and selling Happy and Healthy: Eats and Treats seasonal items, such as hand-made soaps and body scrubs.