Special Education Services

When students are placed at The Guild, they may attend our day school or our residential school which combines our day school services with one of our residential home placements in nearby neighborhoods. You may rest assured that, whether your student is here for an extended evaluation or placed residentially, our top priority is student safety. Therefore, your student will be provided the guidance and support he/she needs at all times by our caring and competent staff.

The Guild’s day school is located in in the picturesque New England community of Concord, Massachusetts in a location central to our family-style homes. Our choice of community-based placements for our school and homes is deliberate. We emphasize building and improving skills through community-based activities. We share your goal of having your student’s learning extend beyond the classroom and the walls of his/her home. Guild students enjoy active, healthy and high quality life-styles.

Our students’ educational, residential, clinical and health needs are the focus of our work. Every aspect of your student’s Guild experience is guided by a unique behavior plan based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Staff work collaboratively to ensure integrated planning and consistency across your student’s school, home and community environments.

Team Approach

High Standards and Quality Assurance

Small Sized, Well-Staffed Classrooms