The Physical Education staff and Recreation staff are committed to provide programming during school, after school, and school vacations in an effort to keep our students fit, healthy and active. Below is a general overview of both programs. It is important to know that our program design is not limited to the activities listed. Activities change by season and we are continually seeking new and exciting activities for students to participate in and enjoy.

Adapted Physical Education:

During the school day, your child will participate in our physical education program, which is built on an understanding of the biomechanics of movement, exercise and sport. Program goals include developing motor and movement skills, individual and group games /sports skills, and water safety and swimming skills. A sequential development of motor and movement skills is used to promote awareness of both proprioceptive feedback and of where one’s body is in space (i.e., kinesthetic awareness). All skills are taught through assessment-driven, standards-based and developmentally skill-based instruction within an adapted learning environment.

Within the school itself, our students may, for example, participate in a group or individualized physical fitness lesson in our fitness center, using cardio equipment such as the treadmill or stationary bicycle and perform body weight resistance exercises with an instructor.  Group physical education classes are scheduled in the gym and include a variety of activities such as individualized skills, group games, sports and yoga, which tends to be a favorite.  Weather permitting, our physical education classes participate in outdoor activities.  Our location in Concord allows us to take advantage of the many walking, hiking and jogging trails in the area.  Your child’s physical education goals and objectives will be reflected in your student’s Individual Education Program (IEP), with progress closely monitored and reported on.  Special physical education activities relating to curriculum goals are planned on a seasonal basis.  For example, your child may participate in horseback riding at ironstone Farm.  This program benefits body balance, muscular strength, coordination, posture control and flexibility; tactile skills are stimulated as well as a sense of self-efficacy. Opportunities for swimming at local facilities are also part of our Adapted Physical Education Program. The unique learning abilities of your student will be a focus of instruction.  Physical education is provided in a positive, motivating environment for your student to enjoy.


The goal of our recreation program is to assist students in developing interests and participation in activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle to suit unique needs. For your residential student, a variety of leisure and recreation activities are planned during the after school, weekend and school vacation hours. Students from a variety of homes participate in organized recreation activities either at school, at a residence, or in the community. Program activities range from group/individual sports and fitness activities, games, arts, crafts, drama, music and more. Zumba and Music and More are popular groups that are held after school in the school setting. Trips to nearby YMCAs are popular with many students. Special trips may be planned such as taking a day trip to Canobie Lake Park, to an ocean beach, or to horseback riding. Many students enjoy local hiking trips out in the community. Expressive Therapy groups in art, drama and music are also an important aspect of our after school options.

Students may participate in Special Olympics through Belmont S.P.O.R.T. (Special Programs Organized for Recreation Time). In addition to offering a variety of Special Olympics sports, such as aquatics, basketball, bocce, bowling, flag football, floor hockey and soccer, Belmont S.P.O.R.T. also offers opportunities to dance, ice skate, learn self-defense and participate in culinary classes. In addition to ensuring that students have access to organized recreation events, The Guild looks for fun activities based on student preferences and seasonal opportunities.