Psychiatric Services

We are particularly proud of the psychiatric care we provide to students enrolled in our residential program. Our consulting psychiatrists are well-known and highly experienced in providing care to individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism, behavior challenges and mental health diagnoses. The Guild psychiatrists facilitate multi-disciplinary team meetings to discuss your student’s psychopharmacology needs.

Our psychiatrists are routinely scheduled to be on-site to meet the needs of our students and to address any concerns brought forth by you and/or our staff. Our psychiatrists are not limited to brief office visits. Rather, our psychiatrists benefit from having behavioral data, school records and medical history, including a comprehensive medication history. Our psychiatrists also make rounds when on-site to observe student behavior and to interact with your student and our staff members.

Our psychiatrists seek parental input, too. When your child first enters residentially, you will be connected to the assigned psychiatrist to share your knowledge of your student’s history and current functioning. Then you are encouraged to participate in routine review meetings in person or by speaker phone. Either option is possible and recommended as parent input is a necessary and important part of our psychiatric review process. And, of course, no medication changes occur until appropriate individuals are notified and needed authorization for recommended changes are obtained.

Our psychiatrists work to decrease medication dosage and use whenever possible. They do this by working with the team to ensure the proper balance among the use of behavioral techniques, counseling strategies and medications. All of these steps are taken to optimize your student’s behavioral changes, to increase your student’s ability and to promote a high quality of life for your student.