Case Management

As your student enters The Guild, you will be introduced to the assigned Student Services Coordinator who will serve as your student’s case manager. Student services personnel provide a home-school connection by coordinating treatment with a student’s family and outside agencies. In particular, direct support is offered to families as they navigate a variety of legal and medical issues affecting their child including guardianship concerns, Roger’s (guardianship) decisions and the transition into adult services at the age of 22.

The Student Services Coordinator meets with the student regularly, participates in service planning reviews and discharge planning meetings, works with others to assure service implementation and connects with appropriate community resources as required to provide needed services. All of this is managed while assuring the student’s records are well-maintained.

The Student Services Coordinator also serves as a liaison between collateral agencies, such as Social Security, and state agencies, such as the Department of Developmental Services and the Department of Mental Health. This allows students and families to get connected to those services that will support their individual needs. Student services staff also work with the family to ensure a smooth transition from The Guild to adult services.

Our Student Services Coordinators facilitate a highly successful parents’ group intended to provide a supportive, open forum in which parents/guardians may discuss their children’s achievements and challenges with an peers who knows what they are going through. This is a no fee, monthly service. Past topics have included self-care, coping skills, child advocacy, crisis intervention, guardianship and adult service systems. Topics are selected based on needs and interests of attendees.